victor nalbrecht


Expressionist, surrealist or just artist ?

I will not answer this question. I will just look at you and smile. story to tell you it's up to you to find or think back to your question. Through my paintings.

I do not favor one school to another, I do not prefer a form of expression to another, I am guided by instinct and by the keys of my knives and my brushes to translate, interpret what I goes through the mind.

You knew the canvas for me as a baby is born that we cover, which protects, nourishes it, seen it grow. Final phase for the wave at my arm and I proudly say to those who observe: "Look at the beautiful baby I've done."

I prefer to look at the time and describe, live and feel. So much so that I become (almost) the custodian. It's really a very large integral part of my life .la question is what is their real impact on our morale? it's therapy for me ...

I am born November 11, 1981 in Paris, but I was born my imagination and my imagination. A godsend for the arts and for lovers of beauty, totally beautiful ...

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