Victor Riches


Victor Riches grew up in the state of Arizona, where he earned a law degree (ASU) and became a successful real estate developer. He has always been a hard worker, dating back to his younger years when he woke up before daybreak to exercise racehorses at the local track. Above all else, the most important thing to him has been providing a better life for his children and his community.

Victor grew up with a religious mother who often invoked the ever-important Bible verse “…to whom much is given, much will be required” (Luke 12:48), and he has consistently lived by this creed. He worked for around a decade at the YMCA, as a camp counselor guiding kids on camping trips to helping direct the programs of seven different camps. Eventually, he helped to fund the Youth to Camp program, sending hundreds of inner city children to learn the lessons and joy of the outdoors.

In addition, Vic has served various roles in different organizations, including:

United Cerebral Palsy Association (past president);

Young Men’s Christian Association (camp administration board);

Young Men’s Christian Association (metropolitan board);

Arizona Center for the Handicap; and

Bethany Home for the Poor.

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