Victor Manuel Vázquez Sicilia

I like to start with one of my quotes:

"You break almost any rule, except one; no matter what is, You can improve everything that you do."

-Victor Sicilia-

Hi! I'm a student of engineering in mechatronics at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, I've participated several times in engineering contests, and on several occasions getting the first place, I've participated in the Organisation of congresses and worked with companies of Engineering, like Mecatroniks.

I've a lot of talent in my career because I'm very good in engineering topics, like circuits, computers, physics and almost every derivated of that. I'm very good with physics and selling almost everything, but I'm not the best in mathematics, excluding applied mathematics.

My passion is computer science, I can understand everything about computation in a very short time, I've great abilities to understand programming languages ​​and I'm currently studing C, C++ and Visual Basic. Someday, I'll work in Google, maybe like a CEO.

I was a publisher in two different blogs about technology, science and gadgets. Now I'm the main administrator of my own web page, where we talk about new technologies and gadgets.I love PC video games and have a good time playing online. I love computer hacks, but I'm against piracy. As you know I am very friendly.

"I have a dream, that one day the world produce at least 50% of the energy with green sources."