Victor Tudtud

Davao City, Philippines

October 2007, many of you I have invited to join with me in my journey in UNO. Only few ventured with me while many decided to reject and even ridicule the idea.

Five years have passed, many significant changes happened. Yes it was not easy but I understand even outside UNO still it is hard. Many said to me, “mahirap d’yan sa UNO, Networking – ‘wag mo na ako idamay d’yan…” . On my mind whilst they say it, “Ganun din naman, lahat naman mahirap sa labas ng UNO- mas mahirap pa nga! Hindi na bale mahirapan basta may chance na yumaman…”

I can actually say it with full conviction since I happen to be a long time employee. Immediately after graduation I worked as a Cost Analysts of Victoria Plaza Davao then moved to Chowking as a Service Crew, Quality in charge. An opening from Jollibee Davao made me transfer as a Management Trainee getting several promotions afterwards until I became Department Head (equivalent to Area Manager). After almost 5 years with Jollibee made me grow in experience both mental and emotional. Career-wise, I can consider myself successful especially when I moved to Greenwich Pizza Corp. But later I gave up my career in lieu of an opportunity to work as OFW in Dubai, UAE.

Yes, earning P60,000 – P80,000 a month (peso conversion), free food, free accommodation, free transport and medical is a good package. But after 2 ½ right after my contract ended, I tendered my resignation. I realized, though I’m earning well but the pain of separation from your loved ones is unbearable. Insanity is evident.

Many thought, working abroad is the ultimate way to the most comfortable life - I thought same way too. But experiencing it myself proved me wrong. To encounter verbal abused is unacceptable, to quit is the best option. I then made a decision to cease working abroad and seek opportunities back home.

On December 2004, I came home. It’s a relief seeing your family and spends time again with them. Early 2005, together with my used to be co-Jollibee managers we decided to come up with our own restaurant. Because this time we understood that to have our own business is the only way we can have potential of unlimited income. True enough, we were able to

  • Work
    • Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • BS Mathematics Degree - University of Southeasern Philippines