Victor van Doorn

Designer, Public Speaker, and Director in Amsterdam, Nederland

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I'm a creative entrepreneur and these are the projects I'm a part of.

In 2014, I co-founded Sherlocked, the acclaimed experience design studio on a mission to make the world a more magical place.

Before that, I developed the Uncover MacBook, quite probably the most insane way of personalising a computer. Together with an amazing team, I also developed Uncover Lab, the world's first tattoo shop for objects, which doesn't just re-brand MacBooks, but pretty much everything..

I'm also proud to be involved with the development of MovieLearning, an online learning platform, centred around watching enriching scenes from movies :)

One of the projects that did not become the success I had hoped for was Replay My Day, a cinematic diary app for iPhone. Maybe some day I'll revisit that idea, but for now I'm very happy and lucky to be working on the above adventures.

I give talks about entrepreneurship using the Double Healix model, which is based on Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey and Manfred van Doorn's vision for an integral, cinematic look at leadership and life.

I have a deep love for the city of Amsterdam, and keep a map of my favourite coffee places here.

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