Victor Yong Jen Ong

Volunteer and Public Speaker in Taipei, Taiwan

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Victor Yong-jen Ong, PGD MBA PGC (Harvard) is a researcher and analyst published nine times and dedicated to the vocation of coherent reporting in international affairs and historical issues. In addition, he developed the Ong Jen Lehi Yanas Approach to learning English, a method that involves verbal and grammatical excellence in mastering the language for the purpose of being understood by the broad majority of English-speaking Caucasian nations.

Armed with an extensive Chinese heritage and rigorously schooled at the best Australian and American institutions, Victor has been disseminating his unique approach for community associations and private academies in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, individual families who want a successful upgrade in their English usage abilities and centers under the Tutoridge brand. Victor is passionate about the English language and effective command of modern-day Mandarin, and believes that the cultural and economic importance of the U.S., Australia, mainland China and Taiwan provides sufficient reason for improvements in English proficiency and the use of Mandarin among globally-attuned populations.

Victor's sociocultural research influences his thinking on how language should be acquired, and gives those who learn with him the opportunity to succeed faster and more efficiently. Aspects of the humanities with which he is deeply involved include his drive to inform the public about the ills of fascism, the facts and consequences of the Second World War, and the natural divide between left-wing and right-wing politics.