I am a video producer who directs, writes and often edits. While I own a successful video production and television programming company, I keep my own skills sharp. I may not edit every day or write consistently, but I have never lost the passion and love to create great video messages. My videos communicate, directly and succinctly. The best compliment I receive is, "I can't believe that was a half hour program, it moved so well". Flow is very important to me and the way one transitions a viewer through thoughts and different content. I have created over 250 custom produced half hour programs. We have worked in magazine, documentary, narrative and reality. Often I mix forms to keep the viewer engaged and to get one message across in several unique manners. Companies have hired my to write and direct national commercial spots, some of which have been used over and over. I have success in presenting lifestyle concepts, activities and products. I am consistent and professional, seeking perfection while maintaining perspective on goal and budget. Technically, I have a unique skill of understanding deep and complicated concepts and being able to present them to the layman. This is why many companies have hired me as a consultant and spokesperson for their products and services. Please consider videomichael for your next video endeavor.