Ícaro Moyano Díaz

Consultant in Madrid, España

Ícaro Moyano Díaz

Consultant in Madrid, España

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Ícaro Moyano Díaz has been immersed in the Net for over 15 years now building is career on positions related to communications, policy, new media, product development and digital business strategy.

He currently works for Wink TTD as Head of Strategy for (among other projects) Vodafone’s content platform 'El Futuro es One’ and ‘eSports Vodafone’, in charge of ensuring the distribution of its contents through conventional media, native publications, and social media.

His professional career started in the Spanish media CadenaSer.com, EL PAÍS, EP3, and RTVE as news writer and product manager.

He joined Tuenti, the largest Spanish social network between 2008 and 2011, as its first Head of Communications and Institutional Relations.

He then worked as Head of Communications at BuyVip, a Spanish online shopping club that was acquired by Amazon in 2010, when he was placed in charge of Amazon’s media relations and communications in Spain.

After this stage of his career, he was appointed Head of Social Media and User Engagement at the news company PRISA Noticias, where he coordinated the social media strategy of EL PAÍS, the main Spanish newspaper, and the Spanish edition of the Huffington Post, and opened new business opportunities.

From early 2013 to late 2014 he worked as Head of Communications and Corporate Development at Kuapay, a mobile payment service provider, where he consolidated the company’s expansion in Latin America and Spain.

Since 2012, he has been involved in Teach a Talent, a project that seeks to connect adults willing to share their passions with children who want to explore new worlds. He is also a guest lecturer at several universities and business schools, and a frequent speaker in many conferences, seminars, and postgraduate courses. He is a regular contributor to various media.