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Ho Chi Minh city

In Nhieu Loc canal, the pollution condition now is dangerous. The water quality is heavily deteriorated. When the tides go down, the smell is so terrible. Tons of trashes and pollutants are discharged into the canal. Although the new water recycling system works 20/24 everyday, the pollution condition is still high. The reason is that trashes and wastes are still discharged directly to Nhieu Loc canal by low awareness people.

Industrial factories are also main factors lead to this pollution. The pollutants of production are discharged directly to the drainage system without re-treatment or recycle. These poisons following the drainage system go into the canal stream.

Nhieu Loc pollution is not personal issue; but it is social problem. It needs to be solved by everyone in the society, starting by stop throwing wastes to the canal. Therefore, i will design posters which aim on raising people awareness about Nhieu Loc canal pollution.

The main purpose is changing people perception about Nhieu Loc pollution. This is not just issue of any person, but this is problem of everybody. From my point of view, the effective way preventing people polluting the canal is strike into the ugly truth. The canal is polluted by us, by anyone who threw trashed into the canal, one time or many times. Furthermore, industrials factories will be satirized. They polluted the canal by hidden drainages and pretended as they did nothing.

I designed the posters not for being seen only. I want them raise people awareness about the Nhieu Loc canal condition. I really hope the posters can reach hearts of selfish people. They want to save some money or making profit for themselves. They put their convenience upper the social benefit. But they forget that everybody is part of society.

So, my poster will aim to three main messages:

-Propagandize and inform Nhieu Loc pollution

-Satirized people and industrial factories which are polluting Nhieu Loc canal

-Raise people awareness about Nhieu Loc pollution. This is not personal problem, but this is social issue.

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