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Yo. I see you've found my byf. This is for my instagram, @vigilantexplosions

About me:

• my name is jase\jason\aris

• I'm 17, Slytherin, and an INTJ/P

• idc abt pronouns and i am panromantic asexual

• going to college for biology in 2017

• I'm the founder of the cosplay group Confusion Cosplay

• favorite robin is Jason Todd


• Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

• Star Wars

• Fairy Tail

• the Flash

• Eragon /the Inheritance Cycle

• Naruto

• Heathers

• DC comics

• Percy Jackson

• Harry Potter


• Panic! at the Disco

• Nightwish

• Three Days Grace

• Fall Out Boy

• Sick Puppies

• Within Temptation

• Kesha

• Adam Lambert

• Heathers Musical

• Tarja

My Friends: (I'm sorry I can't list you all!! I went by who was most recent on my DMS tbh)

• Bella @heavydirtysouls (my qpp)

• David @the_dankest_of_the_davids (my bf)

• Seth @nightofthelivingseth

• Bucky @faeri_soul

• Amber @dontknowmyownname

• Meggy @and_meggy_hash

• Sam @forcitpotentiam

• hmac @zenmastrs

• buck buck @metal_arms_and_golden_horns

• Jesse @sportagay

• Gavin @backseat.hero

• Gina @badwolf.cosplays

Don't follow if:

• you just want to be a ghost follower because that's fucking stupid

• you're a spy for someone

• you just want to steal my pictures

• you use slurs like ret•rded in the comments of my posts

• you don't like cosplay

• you're anti LGBT

• you have beef with my friends

• you don't like random singing covers

Follow if:

• you want to make friends

• you like Jason Todd lol

• you know one of my friends and wanna meet me too

• you're a cool person

• if you like fanart

• idk

If you read this, DM me my favorite Robin