Vigne Kozacek

Director, Small Business Owner, and Consultant in Knaresborough, United Kingdom

Vigne Kozacek

Director, Small Business Owner, and Consultant in Knaresborough, United Kingdom

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Husband, Father of two amazing kids and an Information Technology / Security Executive with over 25 years’ experience.

My interest in technology started at a very young age. I was always trying to see if I could get my electronic toys to go faster or do things they were not necessarily designed to do.

At age 12 the family VCR started playing up, I took it upon myself to take it apart, find out how it worked and determine what was wrong with it and that, I believe was the point that I decided I wanted a career in technology.

By 15 I had secured a number of holiday jobs as a repair technician, this included fixing electronic business equipment which included anything from cash registers to photocopy machines and it was at this time that my passion developed for Information Technology.

I wrote my fist technology exam at age 16 Certified Network Administrator (Novell) and found a holiday job where I networked my first Token Ring network for a local Battery manufacturer and a few other local businesses.

I passed my second exam Certified Network Engineer (Novell), soon after starting my first job (Junior Trainee Programmer) at 17.At 18, I was a qualified programmer (COBOL) and Certified Network Engineer and used these skills to design and deploy networked PCs throughout the factory that I worked for and converted the entire Accounting package from the old mainframe (WANG VS100) to the PC network.

Around this time the internet was starting to make an appearance and I used this to help set up the company "bulletin board" used before websites existed. This was where my interest began in Technology Security.

I very quickly began to realise that Zimbabwe was technologically behind the rest of the world and did not satisfy my thirst for knowledge. I decided to take a year off from my job and headed for the UK in 1996. The woman that became my wife arrived in London from Ireland on the very same day 30th May 1996 and we would meet exactly 2 years later 30th May 1998.

Since then I have lived in Birmingham, Liverpool, London, Navan (Ireland) and Knaresborough and worked in many countries around the world, written and passed over forty management, technology and security certifications while building my career from Contractor to Consultant to IT Director to Head of IT Security for a multinational PLC to Founder of my own business.

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