Vija Rogozina

Consultant, Artist, and Teacher in Seattle, Washington

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Hi, I’m Vija!

I am a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator and mindfulness trainer living in Seattle, Washington.

I help people to befriend their minds, heal emotional trauma and experience more connection to themselves and others.

I teach neuroplasticity and meditation at the North Seattle College Continuing Education and the Impact Hub Seattle. I've taught seminars at the Polyclinic Madison Center, Fidelity Investment, Mayu Meditation Center and Neurosculpting Institute in Denver, CO. In 2017 I was a speaker at the International Humanistic Management Conference in Seattle.

Born in Latvia, I had lived and worked in the Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Thailand, India, and Colorado. I speak four languages fluently and have a B.A. degree in Social Work and a B.A. in Communication. I studied at the University of Leeds, UK, School of Social Work in Latvia, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in the Netherlands and the Academy of Film and TV in Delhi.

I've been practicing meditation in varying forms since my late teens, studied with Buddhist monks, Indian yogis, and shamans. I am also a visual artist and a published author.

As a world traveler, I've scuba dived with sea turtles in Malaysia, discovered Orangutans Rehabilitation Center in Borneo, camped in the Amazon jungle and Australian outback, filmed a documentary in India, hiked the Annapurna circuit in Nepal and was a lighthouse keeper of the New Dungeness Lighthouse in Washington.

I am in constant awe of our unlimited human potential and am always excited to share powerful Neurosculpting® tools with people all over the world. I work with groups and individuals, in-person and online.

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