Vijay Sharma

IC Desginer and AI Researcher Self-Learning systems in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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I worked as a research engineer IC design for SOCs (System on chip) used in HDD/SSD storage devices at Semiconductor Solutions Division of Broadcom Limited. During my work, I filed five US patents in the field of DFT - ASIC design and these are available at Google patents. I also have experience in the algorithms behind the autonomous A.I. technology and its implementation challenges at chip level in semiconductors for automotive applications. As a side project I am currently working on formalizing the safety-model developed by Mobileye (one of the leaders in the self-driving technology vertical) for the AI safety in mobility.

Apart from IC design, I also have a background in theoretical physics, and is independently researching on topics in string theory related to automatic proof theory and univalent foundation of mathematics. It is to explore the synergy between natural laws governed by physics/mathematics and computer systems which are based on logic and type theory. Currently, I am trying to establish the connection between GW invariants with Knot polynomials and working on my research problem.

I also started and founded Riyaaz,Org. It is a startup based in Amsterdam where along with my business partner SOWISO, we are exploring how to add intelligence to the text-based mathematical content. SOWISO has developed an amazing web-platform to create advance level intelligent mathematics content. This is a unique technology which is not offered by any of the leading ed-tech platform such as Udacity, EdX and Coursera. Their web books are already in use in most of the universities of the Netherlands. If you wish to know more about the platform and the intelligent books, feel free to reach out to me at

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