vijay sappatti


Today I take this pleasant opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Vijay and I am a very simple & ordinary person...!!!

::On personal front ::

I am 47 years old and I live in Hyderabad presently. Originally born in Nagpur have Seen lot of hard battles of life in the initial stage of life. And won them all. Today I stand tall facing the challenges of life. And Smiling !!! [ my photos are finest examples of my personal aura !! ] [ well, I am tall, dark and handsome too . ha ha ha !!!    ]

::On creative Front ::

A Simple Human and a dreamer, a poet , a musician , a singer, a photographer, a sculptor, a comic artist, a dancer, a writer, a painter, a giver, a worshiper, a lover, a friend, a teacher, a mentor, a speaker, a thinker, a philosopher and a student for lifetime learning from this world...!! And I am thankful to GOD for this much of love showered upon me.
[Music and comedy are my lifelines]

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    • CEO
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    • Mba Marketing