Vik Ahuja

San Ramon

Vik Ahuja is a technology executive who specializes helping organizations turn around projects and increase value to bottom line objectives. He is a recognized industry thought leader. His interests include next generation technologies, such as cloud computing, cryptology, and virtualization. He also has a special interest in assistive technologies in hopes to help those with physical disabilities

To say he has a passion for life is an understatement. His constant thirst for life drives him to excellence. When he’s not working on technology challenges, he’s rolling on the floor with his twin toddlers, competing in weekend tennis tournaments, practicing raja yoga , or chilling out listening to progressive house music.

Vik is currently seeking exciting and challenging job opportunities

  • Work
    • Computer Networking | Network Security |
  • Education
    • Bachelors of Science from U.C Irvine, Cisco Certified Network Expert