Viki Tracey


Restless, driven and sometimes incredibly slothful. High energy, a gym fiend, but not so very long ago, morbidly obese. Afraid of heights, the dark, the cold, falling, failing. A high altitude mountaineer. Serious. At times probably too serious. Possessor of a rascally sense of humor and tremendously proud of an often commented on ability to make people laugh (‘insufficiently humble’ should clearly have been on this list). Shy. On occasion embarrassingly anti-social, but a vocal and passionate leader of large teams of incredibly talented professionals in my job as a Managing Director at Accenture. We do amazing things. Fiercely independent and sometimes, sadly, a little cold, but a tender-hearted, devoted defender of close friends, underdogs and family.

In short, I am a mass of contradictions.

If there is one thing I have come to believe, it is that anything is possible. You may need to reach for your dreams a little, or a lot, but that reach, the relentless push to do better and be greater, is one of the things which makes my life incredibly joyful. And keeps me out of mischief. Most of the time.

  • Work
    • Management Consultant
  • Education
    • MA Hons St. Andrews