Vikki Hufnagel

Los Angeles, California

I am on a new launch to cause change in medicine . So many women have no knowledge of all the work done in the past. I am a magnet to uncover stupid and evil acts in health care. . I am a scientist,md surgeon and reporter . I have worked for 30 years to change women's medicine. I study theology and philosophy as the foundation for my work.I have exposed the SHADOW in medicine and paid for it.I continue to speak out . I have a wonderful daughter who is kind and smart. My partner who is kind a smart and more of the math type. They have helped to keep me well enough to do battle. Slay dragons. I am working on the history of my work to leave for all women .

I have years of work to tell all the stories . See I am doing my best against a massive tidal wave of money, power and authority who do not want medicine to change for women. I am older and smarter by experience and pain and suufering I have endured and that of many others. I believe the terrible things done to me allow me to have compassion and fire to fight for changes need in women's health care. I can only do my best . Sad I am so old and have so much more to do.

  • Work
    • Director Hufnagel Bioethics Foundation
  • Education
    • Nova High School
    • Loyola Marymount University
    • Graduate Theological Foundation
    • UC Berkeley
    • UC Davis School of Medicine