Hitendra Shah

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Vikram Forge Fittings is one of the technology leaders in the forging industry providing the highest quality products and services for one stop solution to cater to all your forging needs. With an enviable reputation for quality products we are fully equipped to carry our reputation as "FORGING LEAD. Over the years VFF has been investing in creating state of art facilities and its forging and machining is comparable to the best in the industry. VFF is one of the most innovative and exciting companies to emerge and we are proud to say that all our products embody highest international standards because they are built with expertise. Every VFF product is as per the customers specification and a result of our dedication. As the company continues to grow and expand our Goal and commitment increases and we hereby promise that we will remain competitive and keep delivering the same quality products because we at VFF understand and know that QUALITY AND QUANTITY GOES HAND IN HAND.

Our Infrastructure on man, machine and material is one of our strongest point and we at VFF believe that the tool of the craftsmen should be as sharp as his skill. Today the art of forging metal is a tradition at VFF because each product is created with expertise. Our target now is to experiment and create VALUE FOR MONEY syndrome VFF strives to maintain legal and ethical standards in its business conduct.