Vikram Rao


Even though strategies accompanying a business have undergone a sea change, still the mainstream choices seem quite adequate for the rather mundane need of most buyers. An Idea is good only when it is practical and better still if it can translate reality. Yet, despite its importance, the assumptions are rarely analysed, rarely studied, rarely challenged-indeed rarely even made explicit.

What is presented as the “one right organisation” has changed more than once. But the search for right organisation has continued and continues today.

“The challenge for any corporate today is to respond to a changing environment and to contemporaries its identity. The demands of a new market support decentralisation of activities with an accent on outsourcing.


Originally started with Business Process Outsourcing and Cyber Security by hobby, later ventured into Web-Development, Designing and ITES Consulting. Currently I am actually in the communications business, building flanking services like business consulting, planning, market research, e-commerce and Internet Marketing with two objectives
To target emerging niches and leverage the services to convince clients to take a multiple communications format route to the end consumer.

My experience guides every activity that I undertake. This, prompts me to redefine the matrices of innovation within the requirements of the client. I strive to balance customer satisfaction with a distinct creativity that enables me not only to meet the client’s dictates but also transcend them. All my ideas are articulated within the client’s desired perspective, but yet carry mark of sheer imagination honed by a commitment to workability.

Empowered with this guiding principle and endowed with a futuristic vision, I hope to meet the global challenge by anticipating future market dynamics and transforming specialized servicing into a fast-growth creative hot shop.”


I view the future with an inspiring confidence. A spirited zeal and untrammelled enthusiasm informs every activity I undertake. The driving force behind me is my unfettered ambition to reach new heights in ingenious business solutions and create value additions for effective brand building.

Young in spirit, mature in experience and brimming with creativity, I am all set to partner your responsibility and promote your growth.

  • Education
    • MBA - Marketing & Finance