Viktor Prokopenya

Business in the United Kingdom

Viktor Prokopenya

Business in the United Kingdom

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VP Capital


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An entrepreneur, financier, investor and trading expert, Viktor Prokopenya is a prominent on the Belarusian IT market. VP Capital CEO and founder, Viktor describes his company as a global investment vehicle, specialising in the technology sector.

Viktor is also well-known as a founder of the exp(capital) intech start-up, a market maker, liquidity provider and developer of algorithmic trading solutions. Operating globally, the company has offices in London, Limassol and Minsk. Today the exp(capital) team consists of 70+ highly-qualified professionals.

At the beginning of his career, Viktor created Viaden Media, a mobile apps development company. Aside from popular fitness apps, such as and All-in Fitness, Viaden is famous for its mobile games. Ranked as one the most frequently downloaded games in Apple’s Store, Viaden gaming apps attract 40 million users worldwide. Viktor sold the company in 2012.


Viktor Prokopenya has an extensive educational background. He graduated from Belarusian State University with a law degree, Belarusian State University of Science and Radioelectronics with a software development degree. Viktor continued his international education at Kozminski University in Warsaw, Poland, and Full Sail University in Florida, USA. Followed by executive courses from Stanford and Wharton Universities, Viktor is now getting his PhD at Swiss Business School.

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