Viktoriya Romanivna

I'm Viktoriya, a 15-year-old girl who lives in Philly. I can't live without music, I love food, city life, meaningful conversations, open-minded people and learning new languages. I mostly listen to Guf, Eminem, and The Weeknd. In my free time I like going out to the center of town or sleeping over friends' houses-- in other words, having lots of social interaction. I enjoy writing, drawing, shopping and traveling. I love getting to know other cultures and ways of life because that helps me to broaden my experiences and points of view. I think and analyze a lot. I'm weird as hell and oftentimes find myself getting tangled up in my thoughts to the extent that I don't make sense. Literature about real life, history, science and medicine interests me over novels about love or materialistic things. I tend to surround myself with real people because I always allow my intuition to guide me towards those that I wind up becoming close friends with. I have a bulk of trust issues that sometimes causes me to question the actions of my best friends or motives of my parents. I am capable of developing strong feelings for people regardless of my young age. Sometimes my immidiate perception of the feelings I have towards somebody changes before it starts to blossom because I subconsciously force myself to think through everything I do before getting engulfed with feelings. If somebody doesn't give me the same amount of effort I put into them, I move on. Creativity is a major factor of harmony for me and I love expressing myself artistically with painting, writing, science or even math. Love also contributes to me feeling whole. It's important to love what you do, the people you communicate with and trust, and overall believe in it as a concept. I believe that we all came into the world to love and be loved. Without it, we always feel like we're missing something crucial that would complete us as human beings. It always makes me happy to find inspiration and/or motivation in things others wouldn't. I find subtle meanings in everything (logic, art, literature, etc) to be the most impressionable and thought-provoking. I don't hate people but I can't stand stereotypes and lables. There won't be room for true self expression or creativity in the world if everything grows to become unfathomably restricted. I like being deep with what I contribute into the world but I also think it's imporant to let loose. Life is brutal but it isn't always serious.