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Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Vilas Rathod. I am a Linux System Engineer. This blog contains a lot of information about my daily experience with Linux. The problems that I encounter and the solutions that we, as a community, found. So, a little about me: Since my 15th birthday I started to play around with Linux. It wasn’t easy at the beginning. A problem we all had were the choices. I mean, be honest, how many Linux flavors did you try before finding one that you really liked? And just when you thought you found Well, I had the same problem. I started with Debian (command line), boy was I surprised. I remember myself wondering where the interface went. Next, I found Ubuntu. I loved and used Ubuntu for a long time (2 years or so) . After that, I remember myself playing with Arch, Centos, Fedora, Linux Mint, Red Hat, Gentoo (this was just a test), Backtrack, and some more distributions that I currently using..