Is an aspiring fictionist and graphic designer currently residing in Maryland. He was born and raised in Conyers, Georgia. In 2011 he began his transition to New York City. He specializes in abstract wordplay and prospect possibilities. Bringing a seizing outlook to imaginative writing, a rational and avant-garde perspective to character developerment, and an open minded attitude to written conception.

His overzealous eccentric behaviour and egotistical view point are balanced by his ambitious conviction to inspire originality and vision in humanity. He actively adovcates freedom of opinion, personal choice, and free-thinking individualism.


A pseudonym used by Liam for designing and bootleg remixes. This alias mixes a brief philosophy and idealism with collective favoritism.

Liam is often percieved as a negative entity due to his lack of beliefs (agnostic) and refusal to follow a moral code. He believes in innovating outside of systems and refuses to follow set standards that impeed his ability to function creatively.


My Emotions are Digital <MED+>
Graphic Design Company Branding.

Villain's Experiments
Mashup's and Music Company Branding.

Liam JP <projects signed under real name>
Novels, Short Stories, Scripts, and Theories