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Who says smoking cigarettes is really awful… well, apart from the World Health Organization, Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and each medical board and institution on the surface of the planet?


But if physicians be lucky enough to dodge all that cancer, cardiovascular disease, emphysema and such, they’ll be distinctively protected — for reasons unexplained by science — from a couple of ailments and afflictions.

Call it a silver lining in their differently blackened lungs. Though long-term smoking is mainly a ticket to premature departure, here are (gulp) five potential advantages out of smoking. Breathe deep.


Smoking reduces risk of knee-replacement operation

While physicians may go bankrupt purchasing a pack of smokes, they could save money by preventing knee-replacement operation. Surprising results in the new study have shown that those who smoke had significantly less chance of getting total joint replacement surgery than people who have never consumed.