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Global Accents is a duo an ocean apart. Our goal is to expand our international video band with fellow amateur musicians from around the world. Pick a folk song from your country and join us in playing it!

Hello and welcome. Vilma and I are glad that you arrived at our website. We want to encourage musicians from around the world to share their music and record with us a native song as a duo, trio, quartet, or even more! Send us your folk song and sheet music and/or share your video with us.

You can play any instrument and we may be able to accompany your song with violin, bass, keyboard, and/or guitar. We will be in contact with you to discuss creating a video recording to share on our website.

We hope our band expands to include others from all around the world.

Current Members:

Vilma--background Finnish-American. Currently recording from Finland.

Alicia--Swiss-American. Currently recording from USA.

We, Vilma and Alicia, met while playing for the symphony orchestra at the University of Florida. Vilma enjoys playing violin and bass at local shows and in chamber groups at home in Finland. Alicia picked up her violin again since college and played a year with a local symphony orchestra. Then she became enlightened to reach out and play violin via internet with her former orchestra colleague and friend, Vilma.

Inspired to work around boundaries, including distance and internet lag, we arrived at recording our pieces separately using video, combining them, and sharing our personal cultural music, not just among us but also with you, fellow international musicians!