After 7 years in retail management for a worlwide known company (Auchan) after graduation, I made a family oriented choice in starting my own business in my hometown, selling and setting video related devices (satellite dishes, home cinema systems, TVs), tending to be part of projects from the start with architects. Being on my own allowed me to participate on a 50/50 basis to the early education of my 2 boys with my wife. She also was and still is in retail management. Ten years later, I was selling my business which is still, as of today, very profitable. I'm proud of having set a working business model. No regret about all that today, especially considering the great and many times we could share as a family, but I clearly have a hard time to reintegrate the world of national or international companies. I finally got into real estate being a co-ownership property manager, a syndic, managing a hundred buildings. This was a perfect job to be really conviced that I had communication skills to make things happen! A hundred building means a hundred annual meetings to hold. It was the most interesting part of the job. The rest of it was lacking of interest. I quit at the end of the 3rd season. Right now, my brain is boiling, with great creative and analytic abilities. I know I would be good at analysing processes, making them better, increasing service or product quality for businesses or final customers. I'm a great communicator, in French and English, able to find balance in the worst situations. To be convinced, just give me a call. You'll make that call if you felt something reading these lines. Hope to talk to you soon. The world is not changing thanks to couch potatoes!

  • Work
    • Managing director of
  • Education
    • BSBA Management - Northeastern University - 1990