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We started in 1986 as a brick and mortar store. I made a living hustling and making a buck buying at auctions and selling the merchandise in my antique shop.

In 1996 I was fortunate to join a pre-launch of a MLM company founded by Larry (LT) Thompson who was a giant with Herbalife. Although it fizzled out a year later, the mentoring I received from LT was invaluable and changed my life.

In 1998 we started selling on eBay. We were soon doing $100K a year. We were one of the first vendors on At that time we had to list items as "like new". In 2005 we hit one million dollars in sales. We have experience with internet marketing. .

The last five years, I have only worked four months out of the year and lived the remaining eight months travelling and enjoying life.

May 1st, 2016 I started Metropreneur to teach others how to follow my patterns of success. We are old school. We reply to each email live. We thoroughly review each twitter follower account and the same with other social media platforms. Metropreneur truly cares about your concerns, which builds equity, loyalty, and trust.

Since Metropreneur is still in the development stage, please drop us an email so we can shoot you an email when our site is complete

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Vince Jennings

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