Vincent Bérard

Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Hi ! I'm 20. I study management for 3 years. First I obtained a Business/Administration Management degree specialising in Small and Mid-sized Business at Gap's University.

Now I'm still studying management and business skills at Montpellier Management University to set up my own business, I hope !!

As Jean de la Fontaine said in his fableThe Tortoise and The Hare: “Rushing is useless, one has to leave on time”. I have often lived with this in mind at the time to act. “Is it the best solution ?”, “Are there other ways to do that ?” or “Should I do it ?”: being a thoughtful person helps me to make decisions.

I practiced badminton for few years. This sport allowed me to develop a competitive spirit. On badminton courts as in life, we must never let go of anything until the end of the game and we must fight on every point. This sport made me someone determined.

Since I was a child I have always loved to travel. I visited Japan, Greece and Egypt among others. For me, traveling is essential because it makes us discover different cultures, different places and different people: it opens our minds. I do not like to stay in my conception of things, I prefer to change my mind thanks to external opinion or cultures.

  • Education
    • IUT GEA Gap
    • ISEM Montpellier