Vincent Cavalcante

Student, Designer, and Teacher in Moyock, NC

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Friends, Family, Fugitives, I’m Vinny. I’m a student living in Moyock, North Carolina.


Post graduation I plan to go to Elizabeth City State University. Well... "plan" is a strong word. College is just way too expensive and it really doesn't matter where you get your degree from. So hopefully I can finally have a paper to prove what I've always said: I'm so much smarter than everybody around me, I'm also incredibly humble, some would even say the king of humbleness.

Sadly, capturing my absolute genius in a single page is a herculean task. And the truth of the matter is that I can't put every awesome photo I've edited, or video I've designed, or funny paper I've written, and don't get me started on my absolutely divine powerpoints, all on one page (without paying a ludicrous amount of money). So we'll have to make do with this.