Vincent Vaerman

Engineer, Director, and Photographer in Walloon Region, Belgium

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► I'm a busy father with 3 grown-up children (2 boys and a girl) and a lovely wife.

► For almost 3 decades, after obtaining my PhD in technical sciences (medical imaging) and MSc in electrical engineering (telecom), I've been leading teams, programs and projects in various technological areas (biotech, medical devices, industry, construction, ICT…)

► As an enthusiast photographer, I enjoy focusing my camera on landscapes, street life, buildings and nature.

► I live in Belgium, have lived for a few years in Switzerland and have been frequently traveling for business. I have been visiting 35+ countries either for business or leisure.

► I do like technology, photography, debating, chocolate, traveling, hiking, squash, running, skiing, mountaineering, chocolate, cooking, wines, beers, whiskies, rhums, chocolate, music, scouting, reading, yachting, and... chocolate!

  • Work
    • Kaneka Eurogentec
  • Education
    • EPFL - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (CH)
    • UCL - Catholic University of Louvain (BE)