Vincent Vaerman

Engineer, Director, and Photographer in Walloon Region, Belgium

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► I'm a busy father with 3 grown-up children (2 boys and a girl) and a lovely wife.

► For over 2 decades as an engineer, I've been managing teams, programs and projects in biotech, healthcare, industry, construction, telecoms, information technologies, and academic research.

► As an enthusiast photographer, I mostly focus my camera on landscapes, street life, architecture and nature.

► I live in Belgium, have lived for a few years in Switzerland and have been frequently traveling for business. I have been visiting 35+ countries either for business or leisure.

► I do like chocolate, photography, traveling, hiking, chocolate, passionate debates, squash, technology, skiing, mountaineering, chocolate, music, cooking, wines, beers, whiskies, rhums, chocolate, scouting, reading, sailing... oh, and chocolate!

  • Work
    • Kaneka Eurogentec
  • Education
    • EPFL - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (CH)
    • UCL - Catholic University of Louvain (BE)