Vincenzo Vecchio

Vincenzo Vecchio

I'm always looking for very innovative - and high risk oriented - talents, that combine enthusiasm for the idea and at the same time a clear view on market opportunities and barriers.

Hundreds of ideas I have seen lately have very original technology but do not look at what is going on in the world, relegating them in a closed space. I love ideas that seamlessly integrate with other proven success technologies and market accepted innovations or habits.

I'm a computer engineer and in the last years I received several IT and project management certifications such as EUCIP (European Certification of Informatics Processionals), ISO 27001 Lead Auditor of security management for information systems, Management of Technology Transfer, PRINCE2 Certification for Project Management.

I have worked on many European Union funded projects – IV, V, VI, and VII Framework Programme and I now do project management for national and EU projects at the University of Naples, Italy.

I first worked on e-learning technologies and then moved on wireless, mobile and ubiquitous computing.

I was CEO of an IT company, consultant for IT companies in Italy, UK and USA mainly for project management and sales/marketing activities.

I'm in the board of directos of a US based start up company - SentiMetrix - specialized in sentiment analysis and web analytics.

From 2010 I am Project Manager and Business Development of a start-up - Remocean - a Spin-Off company of the Italian Research Council (CNR) which has developed an innovative system to determine sea state parameters from X-band radars.