Vincenzo Romano

My passport says Italian but the world is my place

Communication and Marketing Freelance:

Marketing Creative, Seo Copywriter, Social Network Management, Writer, Blogger, Content Creation&Editing, Public Relations, Events&Party


Always think and live out of schemes. I am a walking brainstorming!Young Entrepreneur, poet, dreamer, a boy from a small country town that lived in many places and with a world-wided heart! I speak Italian, Spanish and English...and a little bit of Portuguese :) I'm a sort of "idioms nerd": I like to learn new words from other countries and learn more languages if it's possible!

I love Nature, poetry, mythology, anthropology, reading, history, food, martial arts...and a lot of more things!


If you need to understand how to create your Webmarketing Strategy (Content and Social), or you have some question about the world of Marketing and Business FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME.

I'm always open to new partnership and colaborations.

  • Work
    • Freelance
    • Entrepreneur
    • Solopreneur
  • Education
    • LUMSA University - Rome - Degree in Communication Science