Vincent Williams Jr.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

My name is Vincent Williams Jr and I'm a 22yo, Gemini, INTP guy just hanging out and doing my thing in Central Pa. Music is my passion and though I wasn't gifted with the talent to make music myself, it still remains the most important thing in my life. So important that I've decided to venture into the world of music production, promotion, and management.

Outside of music my passions include technology, news, Tumblr, hiking, driving, and expanding my mind.

I absolutely love animals. I'm not fortunate enough to have any four-legged friends myself but I make due by temporarily adopting and spoiling the pets of my friends and family.

In the past few years I've lived in 4 states, including my home state of Pennsylvania and have visited many others. If I had to name my 3 favourite places they would be Phoenix Arizona, New Orleans Louisiana and Charleston South Carolina with an honorable mention to Asheville North Carolina.

I absolutely love traveling and just roaming the earth. There's just so much out there to see and before I die, I want to see it all. I know that may be impossible but I will die trying. A few of the top places that I'd like to visit before I die are South Korea, South America, and the UK.

I'm not a very religious human being. From my experience, religion is a divisive factor. Everybody thinks that they're right and the other guy is wrong. Well, somebody has to be wrong and there is as equal of a chance that you are wrong as there is for the other guy to be wrong. That is just too big of a gamble for me. I personally believe that each and every religion is talking about the exact same thing, the exact same God. This God, however, is so incredibly grand and complex that it is impossible for one person or one group to accurately explain GOD. We are all just trying to use our own language to explain what God appears to be from our own limited perspective. If you ask me the best and only definition of God goes as follows: God is All and All is God. That's it.

So that's a little bit about the things that I consider the most important about me. That is, however, not all there is to me. Just as with every human being, I am an incredibly complex and multi-faceted person that can't be reduced to a couple of paragraphs, links, and pictures. If you would like to know more about me just click on the myriad of links on this page and drop me a line.


  • Work
    • Penn National Race Course
  • Education
    • Central Dauphin East Senior High School