tony brown

Hello all I am custom faux finisher,I am 5th generation tradesmen I love to paint and it doesn't matter what style faux or traditional painting.I can't help myself it runs in my blood and true craftsmen are hard to find in todays time but we are here ,to get a better view of my work check out .I am still in the process of uploading my portfolio .I love doing what I love for a living painting painting and more painting ,right before my day passed away he gave me a master painters word of advice ,he said son if you do what you love for a living you will never work a day in your life ,his words ring true even in todays market place ,let me be very clear here man isn't my source God is I love doing what I do I fell alive when I am painting,I offer top notch work for a great price ,check out some of my work also on .Current job Just finished guest bath remodel total remodel Tuscan style Allen Roth vanity ,Allen Roth mirror and moca 12 in tile custom shower niches arched not square Kicked up a notch the customer loves it and signed off on it today (Next ) lol now my wife wants me to do our master bathroom its time to make the Queen happy and do it .I will end with this any questions call me 832-287-5720 commercial Jobs welcome spas,barber shops man cave style blacked out fauxed home theater with metallic flash paint.I run my company with the integrity and honesty,Vineyard Faux has been open now for eight years ,I love working with my customers to achieve the desired faux effect for there home .I know this site is a meet and grret site but I am married ,I am just tring to reach as many forums as possible,so if you need someone you can trust to paint your home interior or exterior .I just love to paint and as I said Im honest I want Houstons business and surrounding counties.I am a native Houstonian born and raised on the northside.I offer great deals on custom faux finishes,Tuscan textures such as Venetian plaster and more leather swade faux ,crackle finishes for furniture ,cabinets ,doors ,columns,view my website at love feedback so please dont be shy ,I look forward to having new customers and friends.Let me make this clear I'm not here for pickups I want your business lets talk paint and quality paint.