Vinicius Russo

Founder, Speaker, and Cyberactivist in São Paulo, Brazil

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* Founder at Núcleo Digital


* Founder at Initiative Núcleo Digital - Sao Paulo City Hall

* Digital Consultant at Rede Sustentabilidade

* Communications Coordinator at Urban Dev. Department - Sao Paulo City Hall

* Founder at Casa da Cultura Digital Porto Alegre

* Digital and Communications Coordinator for city council Marcelo Sgarbossa at Câmara Municipal de Porto Alegre

* Cofounder at Casa da Cultura Digital Porto Alegre

* Campaigner of Recicle a Política for city council candidate Pedro Loss

* Organizer at Voto Como Vamos movement

* Cofounder at #EuVotoDistrital movement

* Digital Planner for Prodigo Films, Centro de Liderança Pública (CLP), O2 Filmes, Clube de Criação de São Paulo (CCSP), Editora Globo and more.


* 12 years in Technology

* 8 years in Digital

* 7 years as Business Owner

* 4 years in Advertising

* 3 years in Government

* 5 years in Activism and Social Movements


​* 100+ completed projects

* International cases

  • Work
    • Núcleo Digital
  • Education
    • Graduate in Software Development
    • Postgradute in Globalization and Culture