Vinicius Russo

Technology Advisor and Hacktivist in Lisbon, Portugal

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Hands-on leader with track record delivering technologies to empower citizens and open / redesign the society governance.

Resident last years in Italy, Hungary and Brazil during elections times, developing skills against Desinformation, Populism and Fake News.

Founder of Nucleo Digital Lab inside Sao Paulo City Hall, a initiative of Government Digital Service that designed with Urban Development Department the Strategic Master Plan law (2014), and the Goals Monitor platform (2013-2016) with Planning, Management and Budget Department (works awarded by UN Habitat and World Summit Award).

Experienced in Civic and Gov Tech, Government Digital Services, Crowdfunding, Cooperative Platforms, Digital Transformation, Sharing Economy and Cryptocurrencies.

Coordinator of a city councilman campaign to recycle politics, a government program crowdsourcing for a presidential candidate and a direct democracy experience in legislative.

Talks at TEDxUFRJ, MediaLab-Prado Madrid, Museu da Imagem e do Som MIS, Red Bull Station, São Paulo City Hall, IAB-SP, Culture Ministry of Brazil, InovaDay / iGovSP and more.

Co-founder of movements to change electoral system, qualify elections, and a digital culture hub.

  • Work
    • Núcleo Digital
  • Education
    • Graduate in Software Development
    • Postgradute in Globalization and Culture