Vio K

Front-End Developer in South Tangerang

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Bachelor of Computer Science (S.Kom).
Working as Front-End Developer since 2018.
Mainly uses ReactJS, NextJS, and VueJS for front-end stack.

The tasks were to:
- Develop back-office and integrate API.
- Maintain e-commerce dashboard and website.
- Develop a Distribution Management System.
- Maintain a website platform that can handle online e-sport tournaments and profiling.
- Develop a web app that can generate paths for a 3D wayfinding map using Canvas & GSAP.

Experience in Web Development:
- ReactJS, NextJS, VueJS, Nuxt, Typescript
- React Hooks, Unstated Next, Vuex
- Bootstrap Vue, Foundation
- Axios, JSON API, Firebase
- PHP Laravel, CodeIgniter
- Canvas, GSAP
- Javascript, JQuery
- Postman, Git, Yarn
- Agile Scrum (Jira Atlassian, Trello)


Some of my projects:

  • Education
    • President University