Viper Equity Partners

Leading Transition Consultation Firm in Palm Beach, FL

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Viper Equity Partners is a privately held Investment Banking Facilitation firm operating as the nation's leading transition consultation firm working with entities in the medical industry. The group has over $1 billion in closed deals.

The entire team has experience in numerous areas across various industries, having strong relationships with banks, lawyers, analysts, equity firms, and finance partners that help them succeed. Their network continues to grow every day!

Within the medical industry, the team at Viper Equity Partners specializes in working with professionals in the dentistry, dermatology, and cosmetic and plastic surgery industries.

Their unique approach is what sets them apart from the rest of the industry. Every practice-owning plastic surgeon receives a consult before Viper contracts with them. Each customer is treated with integrity, efficiency, and is offered a value-creation approach. The company has a closing rate of 97%!

Viper Equity Partners was founded by David C. Branch who relies on his more than 30 years' experience in the industry to lead his strategy. Dave has been a 2018 “Top 100 in Finance” recipient, and has bought and sold over 100 companies for his own portfolio. He likes working with the non-integrated DSO and MSO model. He built his own MSO from a single location to the largest radiology company in the southeast United States.