Vipin Adhlakha

Founder and President of a clinical testing lab in Westfield, Indiana

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Vipin Adhlakha is a health and wellness enthusiast. He has been running marathons and races his entire adult life. In 2012, Vipin started doing triathlons, a multisport race involving swimming, cycling, and running across long distances. Triathlons test the athlete's cardio performance and require the right combination of muscle mass and mental stamina. Triathlons are the perfect test of all-around physical and mental fitness.

Adhlakha is an accomplished endurance athlete and has completed several half Iron Man competitions. For these events, he swims 1.2 miles (1.9K), bikes 56 miles (90K), and runs 13.1 miles (21.1K). To finish these grueling races, Adhlakha carefully strategizes his nutrition and training for optimum physical performance.

  • Education
    • MS At Purdue University
    • Bachelor of Science At Indiana University Blooming