Virgil Alonso


You may call me V.

I am a Northwest enthusiast.

I am a self-proclaimed hip-hop head trying to figure out what to do with all this knowledge. A young warrior with an old soul. Studying Business and Music but more importantly, the world. I ask why about everything. I abuse the highlight -> right-click -> search Google command when browsing the Internets. I retain useless information like a sponge. My favorite punctuation mark is an interrobang. If I can't have a B-52 mocha, I will take a doppio macchiato.

I appreciate my Filipino heritage but I don't necessarily identify with it. I do identify with simply being of color, being Catholic, being a musician, and a student. As well as being human.

I have dreams that can not stay contained within my own brain. It will try its hardest to make it into yours, too.

  • Work
    • Search Engine Marketing
  • Education
    • Saint Martin's University
    • Everett Community College