sean bennett

Writer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Composer/Pro​ducer Have Cerebral palsy mostly use an electric wheelchair. Can use crutches to walk. Cannot drive. Film and Tea Chess by cannot play. Cannot dance very well but I can swim but don't.Type of food I like seems to be a common question here so I'll just put it here preferable breakfast Assam with steak and eggs grapefruit English muffing with blueberry preserves hemp seed milk caraway and cha seed muffins, lunch pumpkin and sunflower seeds blood orange juice Oolong Dinner is mood dependent but always served with Earl Grey.

I like cats and small to medium sized dogs. My rental management charges a large fee for pets I have none. The charge is the same even for fish and mice. Don't have many photographs of myself aside from maybe the one on the profile page. not particularly found of violence or physical harm of someone.Played Sledge hockey for a little over a year and a half from 17-19 but limited to certain physical activities unless adapted for my disability. Due to limited range of motion on the right side of my body . I'm only able to do things left handed.. Learned to play guitar and keyboard but not able to play proficiently . went to Edinburgh University an English major at 19 failed to complete the degree. from there I went to Pennsylvania Culinary Institute for hotel restaurant management. Made it to the last quarter.

But was required to drop out . . . Spent two summer quarters at Community College of Allegheny County. Studying psychology from 25 to 26 years. From 27 to 29 I got my multimedia degree from ITT Technical Institute. From there I went to Point Park University for cinema and digital arts ended up in a screenwriting major. Rana funding to continue what intending to switch my major to cinema and digital arts. Ran out of funding. I intended to go to Indiana University music program I was accepted into Indiana Tech but could not get there I tried learning guitar. Because A audition piece was needed but because I can only use one hand well enough to do most things I couldn't be good enough . I'm sure if I had played any instrument for several years even with my disability I could have adapted to playing any instrument . But my focus became programming animation and 3d design . Focu has returned to music composition. As well as writing. attempting to learn. Chinese and Japanese Korean,Vietnamese-Thai language and Lao language, Tagalog language, with Russia as well..

I'm on SSI trying to find a viable way off