Visionary Consulting Group

Brand Marketing, Direct Sales, and Consulting in Lubbock, Texas

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Visionary Consulting Group works with one of the leading telecom companies in the nation, acting as the liaison between client and customers. We work diligently and with intent while also having fun. We make our clients relatable and bridge the gap between them and the retail community in the Lubbock, TX area!

In using personalized and relationship-based marketing methods, Visionary Consulting Group is able to understand our customers on a deeper level and relay this information to our clients. The benefit of using us becomes even greater because as we work on our marketing strategies, our clients are given the freedom to improve their product/service.

When an individual joins the team at Visionary Consulting Group, we focus on amplifying their natural communication skills and compile it with cutting-edge marketing/sales training. It's important for us that everyone on our team is up-to-date with the latest products and competition, thereby offering our customers more value and service. By knowing our competition, too, the customers we obtain for our clients are also retained.

What do we value at Visionary Consulting Group? Great question! We believe that a great work ethic and a positive mindset are all that is needed to be successful in life. We surround ourselves with bright, educated and hard-working people. We believe in setting goals and setting others up for success!

With a culture high in energy and rich in rewards, Visionary Consulting Group looks for individuals that fit in with our winning atmosphere. Whether you're looking to outsource your marketing and sales or join our dynamic crew, please visit our website at or check out our career opportunities on CareerBuilder!

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