Quaisha Thornton

Small Business Owner, Consultant, and Web Developer in Queens, New York

Quaisha Thornton

Small Business Owner, Consultant, and Web Developer in Queens, New York


2017 has been the best year of my life so far. I have been rocked out of my comfort zone with new opportunities and goals.

This year, and for the first time in my life, I have been comfortable enough with myself and my appearance to pursue plus size modeling. Friends and family never saw it coming. Neither did I. And I love it.

I have also discovered that I want to train in boxing and kick-boxing. That took everyone for a loop.

Aside from those new developments, I am still on the path of creating my own media company, Blaque & Blended Media.

You know that saying, "Be the change you want to see."? I felt compelled to servicing diverse communities in entertainment with high quality and emotional - based content. Therefore I created my own media company, Blaque & Blended Media. Its a blend of virtues (creative brands) to forge a fusion of passion, engagement and art. The company is also an advertising consultancy service that helps businesses and professionals rejuvenate uniqueness through securing their passion.


I moonlight as a freelancer consultant where I analyze and optimize business systems for optimal productivity; train staff on new software or systems; provide local and remote computer and IT support; give strategies for marketing and advertising campaigns for higher brand visibly; develop websites; and provide virtual assistance for clients.

Being a Gamer, I will be able to transform my hobby into a unique social experience and income stream using my YouTube and Twitch channels to showcase my gameplay, podcasts and shows.

Affiliate marketing and e-commerce shops is where the internet businesses are skyrocketing. I am carving my legacy out as an laptopreneur.


If I had to put two words to describe my dream career and my current business, I'd have to say 'traveling Maverick'. I think that's better than saying a professional hustler. I use what I learned and my passions to make something real and exciting. Something that people want to be apart of and know about. Self-made millionaire is not off my limits.


I always felt I was destined for greatness. Greatness that is built with blood, sweat, tears in addition to realizing and utilizing opportunities. Don't be P.O.O.R. - Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly.

  • Work
    • Blaque & Blended Media
  • Education
    • New York City College of Technology