Vladimirs Ivanovs

C-level coaching, Business Agility, Why Agile, VUCA, Antifragility, Starting and managing agile transformation, ADKAR, Agile frameworks, Scrum, Kanban, Cynefin, Mgmt 3.0, Organizational design and strategy, KPIs & OKRs, Scaling, Cargo cult, Change mgmt, Culture, Leadership, Project/ Program/ Portfolio mgmt, Product mgmt, Personas and canvases, Learning & Development, Agile in HR and other functions.

Agile coaching framework, Shu-ha-ri, Self-awareness, Ikigai, Time Management, Personal Productivity, Servant Leadership, Soft skills, Cross-cultural and interpersonal communication, Team dynamics and disfunctions, Negotiations, Facilitation, Serious Games and Gamification.
Management tools online and remote working.