Vlad Gorenshteyn 🌱

Digital Publicist, Marketing Strategist, and Storyteller in Atlanta, Georgia

Vlad Gorenshteyn 🌱

Digital Publicist, Marketing Strategist, and Storyteller in Atlanta, Georgia

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█ Who are you?

First & foremost, I'm a storyteller -- expressing narrative in different mediums: prose, art, music, film, digital, & event-making. I also have "people skills".

█ So what exactly do you do?

I help clients tell their brand stories to consumers (B2H) locally & around the world. I draw lines b/w the dots nobody else sees. I dream up & bring to life "ideas" (mine and others) big & small with compelling narrative & customer experiences.

█ But how do you do this?

I cook with a proprietary recipe: collaboration, courage, heart, gut, grit, imagination, a lot of elbow grease. Combine these things with an awesome team & digital strategy.…& you have yourself some magic -- where ideas become reality.

█ Who do you work with?

I work with products, brands, & at the end of the day...incredible humans!

█ What's your favorite part of 'the job'?

Creating & translating ideas into actionable plans. I lead creative, technical, marketing, & analytical experts to execute. I love the process of making something from nothing. I'm a maker at heart.

█ How long have you been at it?

Ever since I remember, but getting paid for it for well-over a decade.

█ What brands & agencies have you worked with?

I've been/I am fortunate to work with:

| Porsche
| Graeter's
| Aprio
| CNN Collection
| Publicis
| AIS Media
| Party Express
| Kaprikorn Co.

█ What tools do you use?

Paper, #2 pencil, & the oxford comma. I ask "the right" questions & do a whole lot of listening. There is a reason why we have two ears & one mouth.

█ What irks you?

Not too many things, but I prefer to be surrounded with people whom are authentic. I also love people whom are smarter than me, self-aware, & life-learners in pursuit of becoming a better version of themselves.

█ EQ or IQ?

Almost always EQ over IQ. You can't "learn" heart & "common sense"! Raw knowledge won't get you far.

█ Star Wars or Star Trek?

Yes, please.

█ Superpower of choice?

Time travel. Because in the future, you can get more super-powers ;) Nonetheless, I have recurring dreams about being able to fly.

█ What do you do for fun?

Living. Failing. Learning. Laughing. DJing. Drumming. Making. Creating. Motorsporting. Yoga-ing. ….all of this in the company of special individuals.

█ What's the next "big thing"?

I have a few ideas.

  • Work
    • Kaprikorn Co.
  • Education
    • Georgia State University