Vladimir Druk

Writer and Small Business Owner in New York

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Vladimir Druk is a Russian-born poet and inventor, one of the founding members of the Moscow Poetry Club during the waning days of the Soviet Union.

“He is considered one of the leaders of the new wave of avant-garde Russian literature, and is highly regarded for his experimental verse, echoing the work of the early Futurists of Russia, a poetry, which digs into the roots of language in an effort to untangle meaning beyond language”(By John High, 2012)

His collections include The Drawn Apple (Moscow, DL, 1990), The Switchboard (Moscow, IMA-Press, 1991), Disposable Birds (Moscow, NLO, 2009), The Second Apple (NY, J-Press, 2000) and Days Are Getting Longer (NY, TTFA, 2013)

His work has appeared in literary journals and leading poetry anthologies such as 20th Century of Russian Poetry, Crossing Century: The New Russian Poetry and Third Wave, and has been translated into over 15 languages.

He received First Prizes in the Russian America (2001) and diploma in Moscow Account (2009) poetry competitions.

Vladimir holds M.S. in Interactive Telecommunication from NYU and M.A. in Psychology from Moscow State Pedagogical University.

He now lives in New York dividing his time between poetry and projects at Textonica, a digital incubator and interactive books publishing company he created.