Vladislav Davidzon

San Francisco, California

Vladislav Davidzon is an entrepreneur, businessman and environmentalist with over fifteen years of experience in building brands. He's created innovative brands across a variety of industries, and launched his first consulting business while still in high school. Vladislav is currently the founder and CEO of the Regenerative Leadership Institute.

He previously founder and ran ThinkHost, the world's first and leading carbon-neutral web hosting company. Vladislav Davidzon revolutionized the information technology industry. ThinkHost created a higher standard for social responsibility and environmental impact.

Launched out of Vladislav's university dorm room, ThinkHost became profitable just a month after launch and very rapidly grew to became a global leader in sustainable internet solutions for thousands of customers across the globe, specializing in extremely reliable, well-supported hosting solutions for hobbyists, community groups, small and medium sized businesses, and providing stable support for variety of hosting technologies. Backed by a caring team of support engineers from around the world, ThinkHost grew as a result of its focus on building trust through honesty, integrity, and progressive values.

After participating in a life-changing bicycle tour that took him across America on his bicycle, Vladislav went on to launch an evolutionary bicycle touring company that introduced clients to sustainable living and organic food production as they rode their bicycles on the back roads of Oregon and Hawaii to intentional communities and organic farms. The program clearly changed the lives of many participants, with overwhelmingly positive feedback and many participants citing their experience as a deciding factor leading them to making major life changes towards healthier and more sustainable living.

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