Vladislav Soloviev

Writer in USA

Biography. Soloviev Vladislav Alexandrovich (with patronymic). Political scientist, economic reviewer, analysist, blogger.

Year of birth – 1973, place of birth – Moscow.

This political scientist always holds his own independent opinion on the decisions and activities of Russian Federation's political elites during the period of military operations. This opinion may be too harsh and different from the mainstream one, but it is always based on facts and common sense. Readers find certain things in the materials of Vladislav Soloviev that they did not pay attention to before or simply did not want to notice. The political scientist's blog is interesting even to those who do not agree with his position. Soloviev's materials always sound relevant and fresh, and make you rethink established or imposed conventions.

Since 2016 and up to the present, the author regularly publishes analytical materials about the largest enterprises of the Russian economic sector and their executives, in particular - about Oleg Deripaska, Vladimir Potanin, Mikhail Fridman and others.