Viviane Delvequio

UX Designer in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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I'm an UX Designer with development background, graphic design skills and passion for people.

Nowadays I work at with UX concept and development focused on video streaming experience.

Before I worked for 3 years with research and innovative concepts at UX Research Team from Samsung Campinas and also during 9 years with UX and UI for software development at Eldorado Research Institute in Campinas in projects for Microsoft, Samsung, LG, Semp Toshiba and AOC.

Since I had the opportunity of experiencing all the steps of creating and developing a software solution, I understand Development and UX areas. Due to this reason I perform a constant effort of making both areas loving each other [Light Talk @ Google Woman Techmaker SP 2013] [Slides UX for Software] [SlidesSoftware for UX].

You can also check my other presentations, some academic projects and publications:

Comuna @ ISA2012 | [Publication Ref] [Paper] [Talk]

UX and Development Teams Interaction Process @ IHC2012 | [Publication Ref] [Paper] [Slides]

Recognition and Recommendation of Parking Places @ IBERAMIA2014 | [Publication Ref].

After knowing a bit about me professionally, you can also catch my attention with a coffee and a good talk about comic novels, christianity faith, dance or human behaviour. Be my guest!

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