Rebecca Memsaab

New York City

A Child of God, a Philanthropist, a Businesswoman, a Web Logger, Entertainment Reviewer and a Citizen of the world. I am a proud supporter of; Charity Water, Charity Buzz, City Harvest, ONE, GOOD, GirlUp, Say No Unite, The Hunger Site, Care USA, Volunteers of America, Safe Water, Save The Children & End Poverty Initiatives. A misconception about me that I would like to dispel is that I am a fresh-off-the-boat Indian who tries to hide her heritage by immersing herself in Western culture but contrary to popular belief I am neither "FOB" nor Indian. Follow me on Instagram or Twitter for daily chats, pictures, Hollywood film talk & Bollywood-filmy news. On my blog, you may sign up for my newsletters; articles written by me are always signed "VW" & my comments/views are always my own and never the opinion(s) of my affiliates or endorsers.

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  • Education
    • City University of New York