Vondell Richmond

Life Coach in Tennessee

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People ask me ALL THE TIME:

Vondell, what, exactly do you DO...? As a faith-based leader, entrepreneur and marketplace ministerial leader...

I COACH executive leaders and business owners & EMPOWER "fed up" professionals in transition

FACT: I've helped people replace their 9-5 incomes, FIRE THEIR BOSS, to have MORE time to raise their kids & travel MORE

FACT: I've impacted globally several hundred entrepreneurs from the UK to Australia, Canada, South Africa and beyond...

I TRAIN college students on career-life transition

FACT: 5,000+ student leaders have been impacted

I'm a Co.Starters facilitator which is a 9 week program for startups to launch or grow a new or existing business...#real SHARK TANK stuff.

I CERTIFY coaches, speakers and sales professionals to maximize powerful communication, increase sales and income.

5 STAR Testimonials & Reviews ==> http://bit.ly/vondellthumbtack

I'm sure it's crossed your mind about how you could become a life or business coach?

Let's chat, so you don't waste so much time like I did in the beginning or if you already coach, let's talk about how to raise your rates and get you more clients.

If you too wanna COACH, TRAIN & EMPOWER others then talk to me about how I can CERTIFY you too as a coach....let's do it...

Cool, text the word COACHING to 43506 to get some cool info on how you can become one too.

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.

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